RhinoPlugin(.rhp) in rhino c#

Hi everyone

There is any possible way to plugin .rhp file into rhino using rhino C#

Any option to install .rhp file in rhino c#


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Hi @Sarath_Kithiyon,

RhinoCommon for Rhino 5 does not have a function to install a plug-in.

RhinoCommon for the Rhino WIP does - just use the PlugIn.LoadPlugIn override that accepts a path string parameter.

Does this help?

– Dale

The only way I can think of via Rhino 5 would be to use RunScript passing -Options _Plugins _Load and then passing the filename string.

Hi @dale


PlugIn.LoadPlugIn is load previously pluged .rhp files only it not working for new Plugin .rhp file


Hi @Sarath_Kithiyon

Yes, Rhino 5’s compatible RhinoCommon Plugin.LoadPlugIn will only accept a GUID of an already registered plug-in. The RhinoCommon for Rhino 6 WIP has a new overload for this method that will now also accept a string path to load a plug-in from disk.

For Rhino 5 a RunScript command would be about the only alternative as I mentioned in the post above.