Rhino.Inside for Rhino 8 BETA

Any news on Rhino.Inside for Rhino 8 BETA?

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We don’t have any nuget packages or guides yet, but…

  • We have compute running on .NET 7 with Rhino 8
  • We have Rhino.Inside Revit running with .NET Framework 4.8 and Rhino 8
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It is there, you need to:
1- download the latest daily build for RiR
2- Set your Rhino’s DotNet to Framwork *use the command _SetDotNetRuntime.

you will get this

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I was assuming this was a question about Rhino.Inside in general. If this was specific to Rhino.Inside Revit, then Tay’s answer is correct.

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oh being alive in the Revit ecosystem , I totally forgot about other Rhino.Inside variants!

Indeed this is not about Revit. I’m updating our code base to .NET 7 and .NETFramework 4.8 for the upcoming Rhino 8 release, and one of our projects uses Rhino.Inside from the NuGet package. I was hoping to get the version for Rhino 8, and I’m happy to see that progress is being made.

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Could you possibly share more detailed instructions about this?


Just download this latest from here:

I just found out that the Rhino.Inside nuget package (version 7.0.0) can be used for Rhino 8 inside, by using this code:

RhinoInside.Resolver.Latest = true;

this will find the latest Rhino installed on the system, so even when Rhino 8 and 7 are installed side-by-side it will use Rhino 8. Of course, you need to take care that you reference RhinoCommon version 8.x when doing this.