Rhino.Inside element visibility settings


I’m trying to manage element visibility settings for a Revit object using Rhino.Inside but I can’t quite figure it out. To be more specific I’m trying to hide a Revit family instance in a the default 3d view from inside rhino. Does anyone know if this is possible at this point?

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Check out the guide and examples


Hello Rickson!

Thank you for your reply. When I tried this, the Element.GetParameter component wouldn’t recognise ‘Viz’ as a parameter name for my family. Is this a default name or is it something that is specific to your project?

I then tried to find if there could be the same type of parameter in my project byt with a different name. The only parameter that I could find to have anything to do with the visibility was the Visibility/Graphics overrides parameter, but when I try to set this parameter, the element automatically loses the reference from the revit document without being hidden first.

Do you thing this is the correct parameter I’m working with or should it always be called Viz?

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That was a parameter i made in the family to control visibility of one of the objects in the family.

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Hello again Rickson,

This works like a charm. Thanks you for your help!