RiR edit Revit material parameters

I am building a workflow to place signage elements in a Revit file. Each position is a unique image. The workflow is there to write families and manage shared instance parameters but visualization is limited to Rhino using an automated version of the _PictureFrame command. ie: I have only string param values in Revit and the visualization material is a solid color.

I also see where we can read Revit materials by geometry.

Can we write or manage Revit materials using RiR? I would like to reference and map my jpgs to geometry in Revit, using RiR.

The blog page is still a WIP on this subject. Are there some existing components to help with this?

Any tips or leads would be great to have!

@kevin3 Yes. Coming up with the next release. Shhhhh :shushing_face:

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 13.34.33

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You know how to frustrate a person, huh??
Ha! :laughing:

I will look forward to have the Appearance Asset components for this project!

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The release is ready!!


@kike Seriously?? This is great :slight_smile:

But which version is this in?
The release available now (on the website) is the same version as 4 days ago

You need to update Rhino.Inside Revit to the current available on the web.

ahh, the plugin… Got it!

Thank you very much.


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See attached image for the issues I’m experiencing. I’m attempting to write / manage instance parameter values that are a material data type. Is this capability in the latest RiR release? I see I can start to work on managing the material library directly but was hoping to use some GH-specific workflows typically performed in Rhino directly in Revit for custom material assignment. Hopefully my descriptions in the screenshot are clear enough to understand!

@Tim_Halvorson1 , I know this is possible but don’t have the software available at the moment.

Here are things I would test or review:
a) graft the “Panel Materials” ParameterKey
b) confirm that the SharedParameter you want to modify is available for & added to the element (will show up in the element properties panel).

Hey thanks for getting back Kevin! Yes I created it as a Revit Shared Parameter inside the family with the Revit Family set to “Shared” in order for it to be able to schedule. So everything to my knowledge should have the parameter visible at the project level without the need to re-add the same Shared Parameter again across the whole project. I’m a bit confused because you can see just using the “Panel Material” as a simple string is able to get the ParameterKey values but not set the values.

Again, I don’t have a project open to confirm, but I think materials cannot be modified using a string as you cannot assign a string as a material.

Can you use the string “Panel Material” to query the correct material and one of the Material Asset components to set it (using the query result)?

There’s a bug.

Hi Tim, I run in the same issue just yesterday. Material as instance parameter of some panel types and I couldn’t get the material value assigned.
I’m just pretty new to RiR so I thought I was doing something wrong.

This error has been resolved in the latest public release. Download the latest and test please :smiley: