RiR edit Revit material parameters

I am building a workflow to place signage elements in a Revit file. Each position is a unique image. The workflow is there to write families and manage shared instance parameters but visualization is limited to Rhino using an automated version of the _PictureFrame command. ie: I have only string param values in Revit and the visualization material is a solid color.

I also see where we can read Revit materials by geometry.

Can we write or manage Revit materials using RiR? I would like to reference and map my jpgs to geometry in Revit, using RiR.

The blog page is still a WIP on this subject. Are there some existing components to help with this?

Any tips or leads would be great to have!

@kevin3 Yes. Coming up with the next release. Shhhhh :shushing_face:

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 13.34.33

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You know how to frustrate a person, huh??
Ha! :laughing:

I will look forward to have the Appearance Asset components for this project!

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The release is ready!!


@kike Seriously?? This is great :slight_smile:

But which version is this in?
The release available now (on the website) is the same version as 4 days ago

You need to update Rhino.Inside Revit to the current available on the web.

ahh, the plugin… Got it!

Thank you very much.


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