Rhino inside Civil 3D

Is there any chance of rhino working inside civil3D?

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I’m not personally experienced with Civil3d and it’s capabilities. In general, if an application runs as a 64 bit application on Windows and supports some sort of plug-in architecture then it is technically possible to embed Rhino.Inside. This would still require someone to write the Civil3d plug-in though.

Hi @stevebaer ,

I just tried to load “Rhino.Inside” under Civil 3D.
[“netload” Rhino.Inside(https://github.com/mcneel/rhino.inside.git) ]
It hangs somewhere after verifying the license…

(Plugin.cs: 51) m_rhino_core = new Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.RhinoCore(new[] { $"/scheme={SchemeName}" });

[C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020\acad.exe /ld “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020\AecBase.dbx” /product “Map” ]

Any thoughts / Insight would be appreciated…

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Good news to hear. But at the same time what a shame coz I have made several simple scripts in grasshopper that could basically do what Civil 3d can do for road creation but faster just out of automation. I’m no expert but I truly believe Grasshopper can totally beat Civil 3d in functionality and I’m surprised that no one has created a Civil 3d or Infraworks - like plugin for rhino and grasshopper. Probably there is no incentive.

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How do you know this; is there a dialog? Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing when it hangs?

After reboot and pressing “load always”…It seems to load…
More to come after vacation

Back from vacation and have another question…

There are samples on how to load Rhino / GrassHopper in Revit…
I can’t find a way to load it under Civil 3d…
Is that supported ?
Are there any samples anywhere ?


The source:

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thank you for the response…
I saw the Revit source, but the question is if there is
any samples for acad / Civil 3d.
A lot of the code in those samples are Revit specific.

Are there any plans on having the same functionality in ACad / Civil 3d ?

There is a very simple AutoCAD sample here:

I don’t see us (McNeel) producing a Rhino.Inside Autodesk Civil, mostly because nobody here knows anything about it. An opportunity for someone else…

– Dale

Check out Land Kit. It solves some similar problems.