Rhino Civil3D Cross programming

Can I introduce Autodesk Civil3D topographic features into Rhino secondary development? How to achieve it?

Hi @gxyanjiaju,

I am not sure I understand the question. Do you want to write a plug-in for Rhino that provides the functionality of Autodesk Civil? Or, are you just looking for an exising plug-in? If you are looking for an exising plug-in, then have a look at RhinoTerrain.


– Dale

Thank you. I want to implement the terrain function in Rhino plug-in, but it takes too long to develop by myself. Using the existing function library is the fastest way.

Can Rhinoterrain provide APIs for use?

I am Chinese and my English is not very good.

For questions related to RhinoTerrain, you will have to contact that company directly.