Rhino High Quality Surface

Hello friends,
I’m trying to make quality bezier surfaces in Rhino. I found a sketch while surfing the web. With which strategy can I model this? It actually looks easy but I’m confused.

Hi @hunterofrhino
No wonder you’re confused. I think this is a perfect example of something that looks good as a sketch, but is not fully solved in the real (or 3D, at least) world. How are these 4 corners in the same plane?

I would start by doing the shape as a series of really simple, flat surfaces and figure out the overall layout first, then tackle the various blends afterwards.
Here’s a really quick version in 3D - as you can see, it’s quite impossible to have those 4 corners line up in the way it’s shown in the sketch.

So start by figuring out the primary surfaces and the take on the blends.
HTH, Jakob


I agree with you. I thought maybe I missed something.

Hi @hunterofrhino
If you make a REALLY big blend on the top, and a small one at the handle, it’s do-able - but it ain’t pretty :grimacing:

Also notice how there are no drawings from that particular angle (front-right corner, or whatever you might call it) :joy:

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