Rhino hangs on 'Mesh to Nurb' command

Not always, but often, regardless the number of elements.

Regardless the number of elements means also only 20 of them.

Rhino becomes irresponsive.

Sometimes it hangs on a few elements, otherwise it does few hundreds in one go.

Yep, the same scene.
Some ArchiCad crap I need to elaborate.M2N test.3dm (700.3 KB)
There is no guarantee it is going to happen again or on another machine.

I’m rich in RAM so it is not a case. It is true though that it is a fragment of a much larger scene.

It’s the dwg that already exist and it is mesh guy.

Mesh to Nurbs is a really dumb command! It basically just converts Mesh-faces to NURBS-surfaces. This is in 99 % of all cases absolutely nonsense. Mesh to Nurbs equals going from less information to more. How should a computer know what’s “more” unless you tell him?

They are simple. I’m quite experienced user. I’ve notices an unusual behaviour based on my experience.

Each face is a single mesh with no, or rare, triangulation. I need them to become Nurbs for further editing.

right, but still you can’t recover triangulated parts. I rather would take the pain rebuild a cell and duplicate&reorient them. “dumb”, meaning its not doing something smart for you.

Please read this post again, from the beginning. Rhino became frozen after dealing with ca. 20 elements, and again, and again. i know when file become heavy. The machine I’m using recently dealt with almost 0.9 mln mesh faces in one file, each one with individually applied material. THIS IS NOT THE CASE OF THE FILE SIZE; how could I express it better?


I do appreciate your comments, but over the years I’ve learned to recognise strange Rh behaviour.
As I said, after several attempts for converting ca. 20 elements I converted ca. 1000 of them in one go.
Same file, same machine, same amount of RAM :slight_smile:

By any chance you updated OS when you see this happenning?
Any updates on display driver that maybe needed with the OS update?

not sure for mac, well I can try, but been using windows any updates causes some wierd things to happen…

I’ve updated os some time ago and I’ve got sierra installed. Just got the message from the office IT of not doing so as it causes problems (at list with ArchiCad) :slight_smile:

Do you have some AutoCad experience? This is where I learned to curse heavily. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Almost been kicked out from home for bad behaviour.

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This year I will be celebrating the decade since I left AutoCAD for good, never returned, living happily so far.

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