Retrieve .3dm file that Rhino can't open anymore

Hello everyone, I got a little problem with a file that I was editing on Rhino. I imported a mesh object that I had done previously on blender that was quite heavy, and then converted it to nurbs with Rhino. The program crashed after the conversion was done, and now it crashes every time that I try to open the file so that I can’t access it anymore. I thought that I could try to manually edit the script of the file in order to delete some informations and make the file lighter, but I don’t know if this is even possible… Did this already happen to some of you, or would you see a solution to solve the situation?
Thanks a lot, Florent

Hi Florent -

That is not possible, no.

You could try starting a new file, making sure that all viewports are in Wireframe mode and then import that file. Converting heavy meshes to NURBS is generally a bad idea and can easily get your computer to run out of memory. Keeping it in wireframe might keep the load low enough to not run into problems but, if it imports, I suppose you might as well just delete the NURBS output right away.
Apart from that, you could upload the file so that we can take a closer look…