Rhino + Grasshopper Modelers/Technicians Needed for Sporting Equipment

We are a funded startup that is building a revolution in individually custom, high-performance sporting equipment. First cycling, then other categories. We have a small team of full-time & freelance CAD designers & engineers, and we are looking to expand the Rhino/Grasshopper talent in our team. We are growing quickly and are about to bring our first product to market, now is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build the future.

These roles are 100% remote, and location is completely flexible - anyone from any country is welcome. We currently have team members in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Colombia, and India.

Working ability in English is required, and candidates will use their own computers & Rhino license.

Intermediate to advanced skill with both Rhino & Grasshopper is required, C# ability is helpful. Experience in product design, 3D print, architecture, or other design fields is preferred.

Freelance work is billed hourly, Full-time work is billed monthly. Rate depends on experience & ability level. Payment method is flexible (PayPal, bank transfer, check, etc) depending on your situation & location.

If interested please send me a DM with CV / resume, and portfolio, and I will reply with more details about the project & expected deliverables. We will start with a small paid test project before moving into full project work.