Looking For A Grasshopper Consultant

im looking for a grasshopper consultant / expert to work with on an ongoing basis to write grasshopper definitions to help automate my marine design business.

I would consider myself an advanced Rhino user but only a learner in grasshopper. Time is money and all that so rather than putting in hours and hours learning grasshopper myself I would prefer to utilise the services of an existing expert and get them to write definitions for me that I can use during the process of designing a boat.


1: must be able to speak English fluently

2: must be available for discussions during normal business hours, aka no students that are at collage during the day

3: have the ability to use Zoom, Skype or another video conferencing platform so we can discuss ideas fluidly over voice and video communication

4: ideally be in a similar time zone as Sydney Australia so we can talk without either one getting up in the middle of the night for a discussion

message me back with a brief history of yourself and your relevant experience and an indication of the cost of your services on the below details

Phone: +61 2 6556 1939

Mobile: +61 (0) 402 710 444

Email: dax@cadprojects.com.au

Website: www.cadprojects.com.au

Skype : daxcallagher

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Hello there!
Hope you’re doing good.

PM sent. Pls check.

Thanks and Regards,

I am an expert of Grasshopper. But not of Rhino, I am not Rhino enthusiast until Rhino 7 maybe… but I like very much Grasshopper every day. I worked already on algorithm for industrial product close to naval architecture…
I’m not sure to have lot of time, it depend to what you need and the conditions of a collaboration. I had experience in training Grasshopper.


Hi luis,
I have not received your PM.
Please email me at dax@cadprojects.com.au

Emailed you. Please let me know if you did not receive.



Sent you a PM, please let me know if its not received.

Hi! Are you still looking to fill this role? I’m from Singapore and meet pretty much all the requirements. Cheers!