Rhino.Geometry.Extrusion with cutouts possible?

I have a question, which might be quite easy to answer.
(Or maybe I already answered it to myself already)

If I create extrusion I have a pretty easy life when it comes to analyzing profiles for instance.
Especially the Bevel Plane Start/End is supercool. As well as the option to change the extrusion curve, etc…

When I add holes/cutouts to the profiles it gets converted to a Polysurface/Brep and I lose all advantages that Rhino.Geometry.Extrusion gives me. This is because the Extrusion can only calculate “itself” but is no longer an extrusion when it comes to different “features” in it? (Hope this explanation is not too bulky?)

Are there strategies to work around this that I am not aware of?


You’re probably looking for Extrusion.AddInnerProfile. There’s an example here in the developer samples.

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@Joshua_Kennedy thanks. I get your point, meaning that the cutout could be treated as inner profile curve. Let’s say I already have inner profile curves, this would not work. I also assume that Extrusion.AddinnerProfile only works for curves on the profiles section plane.

Hi @tobias.stoltmann ,
Once the holes are added outside of the cross-section plane, the extrusion becomes a brep. There is no workaround.


Thanks @djordje!

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