Rhino free trial not working

Hi! I’ve just downloaded rhino for the first time today and the free trial isn’t working. I’ve never used it before so I don’t understand why is this happening

What do you mean by “not working?”

Contacting sales@mcneel.com is the place for questions like this.

It’s telling me that they can’t find my license. I’ve read some other threads and that’s usually the case when someone tries to get more than one free trial. But I’ve never used this program or attempted to get a trial before, so I’m not sure what’s going on

Hi Brianna, Our records show your trial expired in May of 2022, you’ll need to purchase Rhino to continue.

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Fair enough. I can’t remember getting it but I must’ve done it at some point. Thanks for your reply!


Japhy is right.
You requested the eval license and locked it to your laptop back in February:

Rhino will still run with the expired license but will not Save/Export or load plug-ins.

My bad then. I must’ve gotten it planning to learn how to use it and then forgot to actually use it :sweat_smile: thanks again for the replies!