Rhino for Mac crashes on adjusting Grid Snap Spacing to a value with a comma

when starting up a new Rhino 5A808w instance with a new model it would crash immediately after typing in a value with a comma (e.g. 0,1) into the field under File Menu -> Settings -> Grid -> Grid Snap Spacing. The default value is 1. When typing 0.1 no crash would happen.
If I remember correctly this decimal delimiter issue isn’t a new one. Not sure where it was before but we had it a few months back.

I’m not crashing here with 5A808w after entering “0,1” for the grid snap spacing. What OSX version are you running?

Hi Brian,
it’s 10.10.3.
I’ve set my preferred language to English while having the region set to Germany. This is where I get my date and numbers formatting prefs which I’m used to, including the comma-instead-of-point-thing.

5A808w crashed on this one every time with no exception.

Thanks for the extra info and testing the latest WIP. @dan @marlin any ideas?

Apologies for the delayed response.

I cannot replicate this in the latest WIP release (5A814w). I am running 10.10.3 and I set my region to Germany and launched Rhino. I then went to File > Settings > Grid > Grid snap > and set the Snap spacing to 0,1. I did not get a crash.

I’d like to replicate this bug. What am I missing? Is your language in Rhino set to German?