Some bugginess in adding linetype in R7

Hi @pascal,
I just had a crash when trying to add a linetype.

I want the linetype to be 1.3 1.3 1.3 7 and that didn’t work so I tried 2, 2, 2, 2 and that crashed rhino:

Please see if it is repeatable

I just had another crash.
Made a linetype with 1,00, 1,00 and assigned it to some curves, went back to settings and then clicked “Annotation styles” to adjust the scaling, but never got there as Rhino hang and crashed.
So linetypes are buggy, returning to v6 for the time being.

There are several reports of this here, has to do with the comma/period settings in the ETO dialog. Let me see if I can find the topics/youtrack items…

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Check this out:
Only “Center” is previewing and the sizes are off. (first line is 2.5, second is 0.5…)

Is it messing up because of dual commas? So it reads 2, 50, 0, 50, 0?

And if I make a copy of “Center” it looks like this:

More numbers, no preview…

Well, then it has to be fixed asap. V7 is no longer in WIP and is rolled out large scale and having crashes like this happening should be top priority.

From another thread:

This is a known and reported (but not yet fixed) Bug.
We have a workaround for this:
Please go to:
Options > Advanced
and disable Rhino.DocumentProperties.Options.UseEtoLinetypePage.
Restart Rhino.
Does this help?

I can’t find the associated youtrack item though…

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Well… clicking the tagg and hitting OK took a longe time to process, but it works. So this needs to be done in the next SR until this is fixed @pascal

Note: I am tagging your responce as “Solution” @Helvetosaur, even though it is just a temporary workaround, so others can find it.

Yes, I hope they fix it soon - it doesn’t affect everyone though, I do not have the problem here.

OK, then it might be linked to how we in Norway (and some other countries) use comma to separate hole numbers from decimals by OS default.

Hei - this should be fixed in the current 7.4 release candidate. Are you running 7.3?

Thanks Wim, yes running on 7.3 here.