From 2-D to 3-D. Help!

Can anyone help me to model this 2-D drawing?


Do you need someone to model this or do you want help and Tips for modeling?

Greets Eike


If you can give some help and Tips for this kind of tasks I would be thankful.

Greets Aram

first place the 2d as background image into rhino, then I would outline the shape and create the solid with “Surface - revolve”. The holes i would create with boolean difference. That should work.



I tried to place it with PictureFrame, but it didn’t show a picture, only a white space.

Make sure your bitmap is jpg RGB color space.

Was that with the exact same picture as the one that was posted in the first post?
Because that one did get in here correctly:

If it was another one it most likely has something to do with the color depth as suggested by Piotr.

I agree. If the picture does not show up, then you probably have accidentally selected an AutoCAD or Photoshop file with the same name. Use a JPG, but make sure it is RGB.

(Photoshop will let you change an RGB JPG to CMYK, but it’s not ‘legal’ and won’t work in many apps.)

The picture is JPEG image. How can I change RGB of JPG?

Photoshop or any image edition tool. Post it if you have a troubles editing.

I have changed the color space to RGB, enlarged to 2000px and sharpened.

Thank you Piotr!

It doesn’t work. Could you please tell me another way of doing it?

well, it does for me

You could possibly create an rectangle with the proportions of the page and assign this bitmap as a texture.

The problem isn’t bitmap. The problem is that I can’t scale it in right proportion.

I did it for you.
It is scaled now with 50% of transparency and inverted color scheme for better tracing (if you’re using dark canvas).4 Aram.3dm (302.3 KB)

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It doesn’ show

Instead can you say the right steps to make this 3D model?

Just have a paper copy of the drawing at hand and in Rhino use the Polyline command. Start the first point at 0,75/2 (half outer diameter of the left part of the part). Then type 165 Enter and point the mouse to the right of the first point. Hit the Shift key to constrain the angle to be horizontal and place the second point. Then type 10 Enter (10 being (Ø95 - Ø75)/2 and point the mouse above the second point. Constrain to be vertical and place the third point. Continue making the profile - both internal and external but only (in this example) the upper half. You do not have to make it from one continuous polyline. You can make single lines, help lines, … and split, trim, and join into one closed polyline. Then revolve this profile around the XY axis and after than add the holes.

Just start doing this and send in a file when you get stuck.

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