Rhino: flat surface to conform to pole elevations underneath

Hi there, I am new to Rhino and am recreating SANAA’s Serpentine Pavilion. I have modelled the poles in their positions and tried to make the heights as accurate as possible but am struggling to figure out how I can now make a sheet/surface (as seen above) that will conform to the heights and sit atop it like the real pavilion does.
(as seen below)

Any help would be super appreciated as to if there is a command that does it for me or if there is a more complex way I will have to go about it!


Can you attach the file ?

Yeah sorry! I don’t want others to do my work for me and I’m trying to learn but sure you can mess around with it.
SANAA Model.3dm (567.6 KB)


I Duplicated the face border of the top of your poles to get circles. Then input those into Grasshopper and got the center of the circle and extracted points from it. Used “Patch” with a value of 1, 10, 10 & 1. The trimmed the surface from the top view with the border of your flat surface. Here is the result.

Edit: It’s by no means perfect, but you can play with the settings and see if you get what you want.

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Wow @ra_mull thanks so much for that! I have not used Grasshopper yet but I’ll give all that a shot. Thanks again, looks great!


Since you haven’t used GH it can be pretty daunting. But it’s powerful.
To make this simple definition without doing much research you can double click on the canvas of grasshopper to bring up a bar to type in. Type “Curve”, “Area”, “Point” individually to bring up those components .
Right click on curve and “set Multiple Curves” then select curves in your Rhino window (You may not have to duplicate the edge as I did).
Left click & drag from the right side of a component to the left side of the one you want to connect to.
Once you have that you can right click on “Point” and click “bake” to create geometry in Rhino.