Surface with pillars

Hi! For my thesis I need to create a surface with pillars like this imagine, can anyone help me? Thank you!!

Have a look at T-Splines.

Grasshopper could also helps you a lot

As I wanted to give a look I did a small Grasshopper script to look at the subject. The output surface could be generated with ruled surface or sweep2. Hope it could help. (29.7 KB)
Here are some screen shots


Ah, beautiful and interesting surfaces @laurent_delrieu, with the use of Grasshopper.

Here is a simple attempt in Rhino:
_Rebuild (as many U & V as required)
_PointsOn (push/pull control points to make surface undulate)
_Circle (as many and size as needed)
_Trim (circles split surface & deleted)
_Move (undulating surface upwards, as needed)
_Offset (circles, inward, to size)
_ExtrudeCrv (smaller circles, upwards, very small amount - just enough to create a surface edge)
_BlendSrf (Continuity, or whatever you desire, between column base surface and upper undulating surface. Lock and move sliders to the left in BlendSrf dialog box, w/Preview, to desired shape)
_Join (I didn’t do this, just so every layer was obvious)

Best regard,
surface with pillars.3dm (932.2 KB)

Thank you all!! :smiley: