Surface with pillars

Hi! For my thesis I need to create a surface with pillars like this imagine, can anyone help me? Thank you!!

Have a look at T-Splines.

Grasshopper could also helps you a lot

As I wanted to give a look I did a small Grasshopper script to look at the subject. The output surface could be generated with ruled surface or sweep2. Hope it could help. (29.7 KB)
Here are some screen shots

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Ah, beautiful and interesting surfaces @laurent_delrieu, with the use of Grasshopper.

Here is a simple attempt in Rhino:
_Rebuild (as many U & V as required)
_PointsOn (push/pull control points to make surface undulate)
_Circle (as many and size as needed)
_Trim (circles split surface & deleted)
_Move (undulating surface upwards, as needed)
_Offset (circles, inward, to size)
_ExtrudeCrv (smaller circles, upwards, very small amount - just enough to create a surface edge)
_BlendSrf (Continuity, or whatever you desire, between column base surface and upper undulating surface. Lock and move sliders to the left in BlendSrf dialog box, w/Preview, to desired shape)
_Join (I didn’t do this, just so every layer was obvious)

Best regard,
surface with pillars.3dm (932.2 KB)

Thank you all!! :smiley: