Help! Map orientation/ elevation of surface on beams?


I have been looking around for awhile now and can’t seem to find how to solve this problem. Hope you can help.

I have a flat surface and I am trying to “drop it” on beams so it follows their height resulting in something similar to the canopy of the SANAA Serpentine pavilion. I am trying to find a way I could this for a more complex geometry where doing it point by point would be too time consuming.

I am trying to solve this without grasshopper only in Rhino. Any ideas?

I would mess about with ‘drape’…:football:

Yeah… Drape does not do it in this case - you might, with some fiddling, get Patch to make something, may somewhat acceptable, but I’d still look at GH/Kangaroo, for some thing more believable.


Thank you both. Patch is what I was looking for yes! Now just to find a way to have the starting surface follow the beams but some playing around with it should solve it hopefully.


p.s: totally agree GH would be easier for this.