Rhino export to Makerbot (.stl) a mess... help!

There doesn’t seem to be a Makerbot subforum for this, so hopefully someone has experience here:

Attached is a Rhino model of 5 scaled, curved facade walls, 30 mm in height (should be scaled correctly). Each is comprised of 1cm x 1cm x 1.5mm panels. Several walls were able to be joined while remaining closed polysurfaces, while other panels remain loose (but all objects in the file are closed polysurfaces). So far so good.

Then comes the export to .stl, and then to Makerbot. The tech at my uni tried out various export options and tolerances, but to no avail - what results is always a squiggly mess on the Makerbot preview.

If anyone who has experience with this could take a look and find a workaround, it would be wonderful. Fingers crossed for an expert here! :frowning:

You are miles/kilometers away from the origin. You have set a custom CPlane, so you might not see that…

Move your objects close to World 0 and re-export, you should have better results.