Rhino evaluation suddenly expired


I am a student, so I was working on some tutorials on my Rhino Evaluated Edition (which had about 60-70 days left) and then all of a sudden my battery drops, because I’m dumb and forgot to plug in the charger, so the laptop turns off. I restart it back and then all of a sudden when I open Rhino it shows that my evaluation period expired. What can I do to fix that?

TLDR: Laptop shut down unexpectedly and the evaluation period suddenly expired.


You might have reset your clock. Problem is, that Rhino detects clock manipulation and terminates the evaluation.

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I have already tried contacting the user through a private message.


thank you steve
the application fix sent by you


Hi @stevebaer, I had the same issue. Turned my computer off with 63/62 days left in the evaluation and opened today to find the evaluation had suddenly expired. Please help!

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please contact sales@mcneel.com. They can help with these types of issues


@mary@mcneel.com My laptop froze and then when I turned it on again the evaluation got expired. I’m in need of the software urgently. Please help!


See the post directly above yours. i’ll post it here to save time. :slight_smile: McNeel staff are the best; all you gotta do is get in touch.


This also happened to me today. I had to DL the WIP again as if I had never used it. Inconvenient but it sorted itself out.


i have the same issue here what can i do ???
my evaluation version still have 85 days and it expired suddenly


Contact sales@mcneel.com and they can help you… --Mitch


Do they take a long time to reply ?

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Nope (ok, I might be biased there…)
If you had already sent them an email instead of replying here, probably it would have already been solved : )