Rhino ERROR (unreadable geometry object)?

Hello there.

I need some help here please.
I receive this unlucky error…

I dont know what happen because what i am do is open a Rhino file where, before, i made some complex 3D model with all interior objects and i cant believe that its missing an important part of that project??!?? :frowning:

This is a really strange situation, because i only have that file. And i erase all grey rhino icon file that i suppose rhino keeps saving for protection (autosaving). And most of all, that work was made in Windows 7, and now i am on a fresh and clean install of Windows 10.

The other strange situation is that file still have the same size like it before.
Is it possible to recover the missing part?
I have made the “Rescue3dmfile” command, and it show a big list of codes that i do not understand. But in the first line it say:
“To find damaged parts of the file, search for the word “ERROR” in the following list.”

What can i do?

Ups, i think i found that missing parts.
I have choose the recover and Rhino read all errors. But now it all became in the same layer!!