File has an unreadable geometry


I hope this letter finds you well.

I have a problem concerning some files that I’m unable to open in neither version 6 or 7. Earlier were created in version 5 and continued operating on them in version 6 but for the last week I have been trying to open one of them, unsuccessfully I might add. A message appears stating that some of the geometrical objects are unreadable and if I still wanted to try to read as much as possible from the file but what it reads are barely 15% of what I had created and was able to open until last month (last saved)!?

Please help me to salvage the rest.

best regards

Maybe it would be a good idea to attach the file you are having problems with?
I don’t know, it’s just an idea…

Hei Linar -

That indicates that your file somehow was corrupted. When it gets to that state, there’s basically nothing we can do to recover the contents. To try and prevent future cases of this happening, can you tell us where the file is stored?

Apart from that, it is possible that a previous version of that file contains more data than the 15% you got out of this one. Unless you have changed those settings, there will be a .3dmbak file in the same directory and a “* RhinoAutosave.3dm” file in the Windows Recycle Bin.

Hey Wim,

This problem has started happening the last couple of months when I installed the evaluation rhino v.6. And the most bizzare thing is that the file was saved after I finished working with it as usual…!?
The file is saved on my external mobile hard drive.
The bak file is showing 0 byte and there is no autosave. That’s the strange thing…
Is there a way to open it in another program, change format or anything.
The file is very important, I put a lot of work and designs of many houses and drawings that I really need to save. Of course I’ll pay for the service if that is an issue.
Pls advice me of all possibilities on how to read the entire file or at least most of it.

Thank you.

It’s possible your external drive is malfunctioning.

It’s unlikely the file can be recovered.

You may try the command Audit3dmFile

Hey again,

How do I use Audit3dmFile?

Open a new blank Rhino, type the command, browse to the file.
Rhino will try to recover what it can. When it hits a spot where it can’t, it will stop and ask you if you want to skip that section.
But it’s unlikely that it can recover more than the 15% you mentioned above if the geometry table is damaged.
It’s always dangerous to save directly on an external drive or USB stick - file corruption errors are just too common (IMO).

I tried that and it opened up a window with a lot of text with the following options at the end:
Copy all
Save as

When I try to chose “Save as” it opens another window where I can save as a text format (*.txt)!?

Sorry, wrong command… it’s Rescue3dm…

Hi -

In Rhino Options > Files > Autosave, is autosave enabled there?

Hi Linar - is the file saved to a normal local folder, a network or a synced folder like DropBox etc, or?



I tried the rescue command and it recovered more than 80%, the most important things, however I have noticed the following discrepancies:

  • all layers were now changed into one and only layer, Default.
  • The inserted images (picture) into the drawing were turned into empty surfaces
    I hope this feedback could help you improve the function and its’ limits

Hello - Rescue3dMFile only gets as much ‘raw’ geometry as possible from the 3dm file, no user data or layers etc are recovered.


Wow - that’s something at least ! :+1:

No user data is probably understandable, but I would think the layer structure could be rescued on the same “as possible” basis and would save a lot of post-rescue reorganization time even if it only recovered a part of the layer structure. Even just recovering the tree without any objects assigned to the non-default layers would serve as a very welcome “mnemonic” device for re-assigning objects to layers manually.

Recovering all recoverable text info would also be helpful even if it can’t be tied back to it’s rightful position in the .3dm file, as again it would provide a useful start for the manual part of the re-creation.

Thank you a bunch.
merry xmas and a happy new year my friend.:smirk: