Rhino + enscape + vray


I exported a dxf from QGIS with buildings and topography, i saved as a dwg in autocad, then I imported this file .dwg file in Rhino and used a script in grasshopper to extrude the buildings and another one to do the topography. The problem is when I try to render this elements with Enscape or V-ray there is a bug in the objects and everything looks like the photo. (there is not a superpostion of surfaces)

I think there is problem with the file that came from QGIS, because when I draw something in another autocad file everything works. But with this file that came from Qgis there is always this bug. Does somebody know the solution please???

Hello - if those are meshes, try Unweld on them.


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Hi Henrique -

I suppose that might mean that the geometry is created very far from the origin. If that is the case, moving everything closer to 0,0,0 will probably help.

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