Rhino_en-us_6.20.19322.20361.exe infected with IDP.ALEXA.51

I tried updating to the newest service release and Avast’s virus shiled was triggered. Is this normal?

LoL, Avast and AVG…no surprise.

People, please install decent AV software!

Thank you for taking the time to reply, but it’s not really helpful.

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Here is some more information on IDP.ALEXA.51

Actually it is helpful, change avast is my advice. There are plenty decent free anti-malware software out there.

On a side note paying 50 euro per year is also not so much if you care for your PC or the data on it.

In my experience:

  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Avira
  • TrendMicro
  • Nod32

Are the worst anti-malware software. (from top to bottom, top being most incompetent)

Thank you for your advice. I do feel like i’m not qualified to have personal opinions on which anti-malware software is better that others. Thus i rely on expert opinions such as these:

Thus I have some level of confidence that Avast is a top-notch anti-malware solution for windows.

I am waiting for an response from a McNeel representative on this issue.

Let me get this straight: you are relying without question on an article from a website called av-test.org that claims Avast is the best? Do you have any idea who pays for that website?

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I’m sorry, but getting into a debate about which anti-malware solution is the best, or which website is trustworthy or not - or who pays them - , is not what I want to get involved in. I’m certain there are more appropriate places to have that debate.

Please understand that what I’m looking for is an explanation from a McNeel representative.

The explanation should be asked from the Avast company, why are they allowing so many false-positives! Not McNeel.

That’s actually a good idea - partially, but thanks. I’ll head over and ask the same question to the Avast people.

Hopefully i’ll get clarification from both sides, and get some peace of mind.


@adl.architetto https://www.avast.com/en-us/false-positive-file-form.php

Well, that particular form I believe McNeel should fill-in. It is their software.

I will support @adl.architetto in this, that customer should not do the SoftwareCompany-SoftwareCompany relations.


Hello - we recently had to renew certificates for the Rhino installer - there will be some false positives until the various systems learn about the new stuff. My guess is this is one of those.



Indeed that was the case. The update installed without problems after Avast’s virus database was updated. Cheers!