Idp.alexa.51 virus in latest Serengeti installer?



AVG warned me the installer I just downloaded for the latest WIP had the idp.alexa.51 generic virus in it. I suspect it’s a false positive, but wanted to ask here first.

Has anyone else had this?

(John Brock) #2

My guess it is a “false positive” as no one else is reporting anything.
I don’t use AVG myself.


I get this with Avast too. Hopefully was a false positive!


I just got this too.
Edit: I use AVG


same problem here with Rhino 6.0.17311.08431.exe, using AVAST virus scanner.


Hi Carl

have you decided to install anyway and if yes, what’s your experience?



I’ve had it both when I installed and then uninstalled. I let it pass and so far all good. :slight_smile: