Rhino 7 WIP 7.0.19316.14005 virus alert?


i tried updating to Rhino 7 WIP 7.0.19316.14005 and my antivirus detected and blocked IDP.ALEXA.51

Anyone else with this problem??

If you search Discourse for Alexa you will find reports dating back to 2016.

If you look this up on t’internet this virus is only reported by AVG and Avast and there appear to be false positives (although one has to ask how do people know they are false positives?). I stopped using Avast some years back because I kept getting false positives.

My current antivirus (Bitdefender, often top in av tests) doesn’t have a problem with Rhino installs - which I have mostly been loading weekly for years - and nothing untoward has happened to my PCs, bank accounts etc. So you are probably OK…

I got it too.

Anyone from Mcneel to tell it is ok to accept?

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@Wagner @nachetz more info here:

A couple weeks ago, we had some difficulty getting Windows Signing Certificates updated. There is some conjecture that getting these new certificates propagated though the InterWebs may be the trigger for these false positives.

ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing you too, I wrote 6 days ago and had no answer from McNeel…

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