Rhino still creating embedded Files Folder V7.52 and beyond

i have created the file myself and have all the textures stored locally. from my understanding it should not create such folders then.

the bugtracker says its closed…

Could you send me the file please, andy@mcneel.com

hi Andrew, will a wetransfer link be ok? it is 37 mb compressed so a direct file will not work. i can send it to that email address.

oh wait a second, i just checked now and the folder only contains links to sketchup files i imported. dosch people to be precise. maybe this could give a clue for you and maybe i can repeat it with a smaller file.

WeTransfer is fine. I’d rather have the actual file you are having trouble with.

  • Andy

hi, i sent you a link via pm a couple of days ago, please download it soon, these links expire after 7 days.

hi @andy the problem still exists in the current version, did you manage to download the file? in case not the post below contains a file i had opened yesterday where this also happened, not sure when it created that folder, either after closing the file or rhino or whatnot.