RHINO .DWG - No Windows Explorer Preview of File?

Hi Guys,

Firstly sorry if this already exists but I have searched the web and cant find anything. I have just bought a new computer and on this system I no longer get a preview of the DWG. file in windows explorer (I use Rhino to view DWG files) This previously did work.

Any help? Extension? Setting?

See file if needed:

Hi @Liam_R_R_H-S,

Rhino has never been able to preview AutoCAD DWG files in Explorer. Rhino can, however, preview Rhino 3DM files in Explorer.

— Dale

Hmm I’m almost positive that I could have previously done this, it may not be through rhino, could have been another app or software that showed it but opened with Rhino…Hmmm

installing DWG TrueView will give you DWG thumbnails but it is a 1Gb download and 2Gb install so a bit much if all you need is a thumbnail viewer.


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Thanks Hughes!

Worked a treat. I installed DWGSee which is a lot smaller and does the same trick. Just reboot the PC after install. Done!