DXF File Preview In Windows

In the last couple of decades of Rhino use I always had DXF import previews since Rhino seemed to save those or quickly generate them. Or else I’d download a utility to generate them. That’s gone now. How can I quickly check a dozen files one at a time to check if they are the right ones for that assembly or mislabeled? I can’t. I recently installed/deinstalled Autodesk viewer to try to get them back, to very limited success.

Do you mean thumbnails are not showing in the file explorer?

This is a thread on how to fix that:

Tried the Administrator CMD commands on Rhino 7 WIP with no effect, as is noted in your quote that “Nothing changed.” That’s with a fresh Rhino start and a new export/import of a DXF.

Hello - I am not aware that Rhino has ever provided any preview of dxf files, or non-3dm files of any kind, in Windows Explorer.


@pascal, you are correct. Rhino only shows previews of .3dm files.

– Dale