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Ive noticed that DWG files created by Autocad show previews in Windows Explorer (and Brava) but not DWG files created by RHINO 7. I noticed that the file headers of the two differently created files are slightly different. Is this a difference in the header information written to the file by Rhino?

AutoCAD is saving a bitmap in the file.
Rhino does the same thing with our 3dm file format.
Both Autodesk and we add a shell extension tool to the Windows file Explorer to make this viewing this embedded bitmap possible.
Since Autodesk and Rhino development is not coordinated, one application can’t read the embedded bitmap of the other.


Thank you John. Our workflow includes both Rhino DWG and Acad DWG files. Rhino is the preferred software. We work with thousands of product files (hundreds daily). Being able to preview the DWG files is a huge time saver.

Hi @wm_c,

I agree. I’ve logged your request.


– Dale

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Thank you Dale!

I guess we might be able to store a picture of the Rhino file, but we wouldn’t be able to include an Acad version.

You would be able to store a thumbnail of the 3DM file in the DWG file?

Yes, I think that’s possible.

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The link does not work…