Printing display modes?

I am trying to print a model i made in rhino with the ‘‘pen’’ display mode. but when I print directly from the model, or make a layout, it always shows it as a wireframe… :sweat: Is there a way to change that?

Thanks! :smile:

Hello - in the Print settings, make sure it is set to print Raster and not Vector as output.


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Hello all,
I’ve got a similar question here.
I’ve made a custom display mode starting working from arctic. mine is darker and I need the edges of the surfaces to be quite thick. So I went in: properties>display modes> my custom>objects>surfaces>edge thickness and set that to 10.
Now, in layout I have my detail set on my custom display mode. when I double click an I am inside the detail window I can see the nice thick edge. when I come out of the detail (with print preview active) the edge thickness goes back to what I assume is default…
So when I print, no matter what number I insert in the display mode setting, it always print the same thin edge.
see pictures attached (inside the detail in colour - outside the detail b&w)
Am I missing something?

ok I solved it by changing the printing thickness in the surfaces object properties… which is good for what I need to do but I am a bit confused on how the display modes relate to printing…