Rhino Crashes when Saving as SketchUp

I’ve been tring to save the Rhino file as a SketchUp file to use it in Lumion. However, each time I click the save button Rhino crashes, closes the file and there appears an error report window. I’ve tried SelBadObjects command, tried to export the file, copy pasted it into another file but nothing worked and there is a jury waiting for the renders… Any advice would be mucly appreciated. Thank you!

You might run Rhino’s SystemInfo command and paste the results here and send the error report to McNeel.

Does this happen with a specific file? If you create a simple model with a few boxes, does the export crash Rhino with that model too?

There were many little mesh objects on the file. I just deleted them and cleaned the model a little. It worked. Thank you so much for your help!

We would love to be able to repeat this crash if you are willing to share a model that does this. Usually if we can repeat the crash, we can find and fix the bug.

No idea whether or not it is the same crash, but there was a crash on SKP export fixed in the last week or two - the fix should be in SR12 I think.