Rhino Contour Lines Lofting+ surface


Im having a hard time lofting these contour lines because at the top the contour disconnects from the bottom half and changes. I tried patching and lofting the whole thing but it doesn’t seem effective. Any ideas?

I have a deadline for this project this week so I’d appreciate your speedy responses.

Thank you

Natalie T

I guess you could Loft until the point where the saddle in the structure appears. Then continue with Sweep2 and edge continuity. But you’ll have to do something special for the mid point, maybe Patch with edge continuity.

What did you mean by edge continuity, I dont think this is a command in rhino?

The difficult thing about using Sweep 2 is that it needs a rail, in this case with the curvature, Im hoping to avoid using blend tool around the saddle to create multiple rails. Is there an easier way?

Natalie T