Rhino Compute on Linux

TLDR: The question asks how feasible would it be to port Rhino.Compute to Linux.

I don’t know how, but I know why - it is more expensive to run a Windows server compared to Linux.

I know it looks like offloading the costs on the developers, but I think that there are possible benefits in the long term.

Possible “how” - .NET Core. Surely it has sparked interest already, but could you please let us know if it is considered to continue developing Rhino in Microsoft’s latest, greatest framework, before the original .NET Framework will get VisualBasic’ed?

I am not a .NET developer, so it’s possible that this is completely out of proportions, but I would be very interested to know at least how much.

OK, in terms of “how” Rhino could be run from a Linux server via Wine compatibility layer (hope it doesn’t violate any agreement). Probably a light years easier solution than rewriting Rhino. Although there is Rhino for Mac already, so if anyone would like to expand on the question above that would be very much welcomed.

The current feasibility is pretty low. This would be a massive development project.

Thanks, I suppose that’s considering Xamarin (Rhino on Mac), as well? Just for the sake of completeness, I don’t doubt that it was also a massive undertaking back then: