Rhino compared to Sketchup - Architectural Viz / Large Models

I have used Sketchup for over 15 years now, and feel that I need to jump ship due to the lack of active developement. I have looked at quite a few 3d modeling apps, but am most interested in Rhino at this point.
Can I get some input on how Rhino is on Larger models. (Most of my work is Architectural / Landscape Architectural visualization.) My current work flow is modeling in Sketchup and linking to Lumion. I do see there is a live link plugin for Rhino and Lumion as well.

Any shared experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Moved to “Rhino for Windows” from “Rhino for Windows - Hardware”. The latter sub-topic is usually used for questions about hardware or hardware relatec problems.

@timbercreekgraphics If you don’t receive many responses you might change the title to something like “Rhino compared to Sketchup - larger models?”. “Sketchup to Rhino” may be read as importing models from Sketchup into Rhino.

Thanks David.