How to Open Rhino 6 files in Rhino 5

How do I open a Rhino 6 file in Rhino 5?

I’m trying to open and just get something like “file created in newer version of Rhino not compatible”??


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Hi @pyat9054,

Save the file as a Rhino 5 model like this:



Thanks. Can I do this just in Rhino 5 or does the person with Rhino 6 have to save it as Rhino 5 and then send it to me??


The user who has the file has to save it as a Rhino 5 file.


Thanks David hmmm that’s problematic…

Any other suggestions or options on how I can view the file at all? I’ve ordered Rhino 6 but in limbo land for next 24 hours while I wait for order to be processed.

Or I’m just stuck for the day??


You can download Rhino 6 Evaluation version:

It can be used for 90 days.


I have the same issue, but running a Mac- there must be a way to convert, since I have the most recent available version (5) for Mac, but I work a lot with users sending me 3dm from their Windows machines… please help.

Hello - Rhino for Windows and the WIP for mac are up to V6 - the users can SaveAs to V5 format.