Feature: conversion from v5 to v6 files inside R6


After having a conversation with the mcneel tech support there came up the thought of changing the way of conversion of rhino v5 files.
Now there are needed some other user opinions for that to change.
Let me explain an example of how it works at the moment:

  • you are working with cloud files of the team
  • you’re accessing a v5.3dm file to collaborate, open it (in future) with Rhino 6 for Mac
  • after making some changes to that file and saving, you’ll be asked if you would like to convert the file to v6. small fonted theres written that if youd like to save it as v5 you should do that via export.
  • clicking on convert leads immediately to an unaccessible file for Rhino 5 users, replaced with the original file

INSTEAD of this workflow, I think it should work like one of the following two alternatives:


  • open file from cloud
  • change, save, dialog appears ‘would you like to duplicate and save as v6?’
  • conversion works like that (automatically): duplication of the file youre working on > duplicated file is saved as v6 > you’ll continue to work automatically on the duplicated file


  • open file from cloud
  • change, dialog: save as v6
  • instead of overwriting the file to v6 (standard) or duplicating (solution 1), you’ll be automatically redirected (solution 2) to the EXPORT window, giving the possibilities of export options you’d prefer.

In that way overwriting never happens by accident.

What do you think about that?

Julian Botti

So what’s the procedure if you want to just overwrite the file as V6? And why should that not be the easiest thing to do, since you shouldn’t really be messing around with different people in the same office on different versions of software?

Anyway, I’m skeptical because any other software I have that messes around with these most basic Windows file saving procedures I find just irritating.

well I think it would be to choose alternative (2) and then choosing by yourself in which format you would like to save the file.
I actually am asking myself why at all there is this question dialogue?
If you’d like to overwrite and convert an original Rhino5 file to another one (in this case Rhino6), the natural way of use should be to export as another file right?
And the natural way of CMD+S (saving) shouldn’t lead to ‘would you like to save as rhino6’ - yes - no.
but it should bring you to the normal ‘save as…’ dialogue or just save the file in that format with that name it has originally, in short - updating the file.
I think that is a basic, logical way to use software that should be kept.