Does anyone have any info about the current state of RhinoTerrain? Apparently they haven’t ported their plugin to Rhino 6 nor even to 64 bit Rhino 5. At the moment they don’t seem to be answering emails either. Are they still in existence? The creator used to be active on this forum. Claude Vuattoux, are you out there??!!

We need a good terrain software for use by students, and it’s been one of the better ones. If RhinoTerrain isn’t available, I would be interested in alternatives.

@fthomas, can you help with this?

– Dale

I know they were working on it, but it was planned to be done before May, so I don’t know how it’s turning out.
So since it took some time I started making a new “meshpatch” tool that is turning out quite well now and serves my needs in most of the scenarios.
If you are interested in testing and reporting then I’ll send you a plugin and I’ll keep on developing it based on our mutual needs.

Actually Rhino Terrain only runs in 64 bit V5…

Hi Holo,
Thanks for the offer. I’m interested in your tool. What does it use for original data?

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OK, I was misinformed. In any case I don’t want to have to have two versions of Rhino on the lab computers if it is possible to avoid it. Neither do I want to install an older version of Rhino Terrain if a newer version is imminent.

I am also interested in RhinoTerrain as well. Any updates on when it will be released?

Holo I am also interested in testing out your meshpatch if its the right application for what I am trying to do. Basically I am trying to create a basic rendered plan for use in a tour map. Will be applying linework & artistic filters for the 2D printed map. WIll also potentially use it as a flyover map animation in the future.

Thanks so much.

At the moment just curves, but I will add points as well. Right now it just divides the curve segments based on length, and then ignores the initial curves, but this will be fixed soon, and I will also add angle tolerance for the curves. (in the near future)

I’ll put together a date expiring plugin tomorrow or the day after so you and @rosshea can test it out.
FYI: I made a new thread here to not highjack too much:

Any update on this? Is it possible to download?