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Mitch, as it happens I just dredged up an old script to do this- they way I do in that script it is scale the input curves from the camera point so that they are scaled to the far side of the targets, then extrude back to the camera point.

I would like to officially add a wish to add this functionality to Rhino for V6, with two different commands

ProjectFromPoint to “project” geometry from an arbitrary point in space to some surface or mesh objects
ProjectFromViewCamera to project from the current camera point to some surface or mesh objects


(Brian James) #2

Thanks Mitch for the feature request.

@pascal, What’s the best version of the script to attach to the request as an example?

(Pascal Golay) #3

@BrianJ , there is a script attached to

‘ProjectPersp’ that does the camera part of this request, at least most of the time; I do not have one for an arbitrary point and direction, but it would be easy enough to add I think. I’ll take a look.