Rhino C++ Plugin issue : "Dependent dll is out of date?"

Hi all!
So, I was making a rhino installer file (.rhi) with the .rhp file, .rui file and the dependent dll file. It is installing correctly, but, when loading Rhino, the plugin installation fails and the message pops up :
“The dependent dll is out of date”, without giving me any further details.
Is this due to the SDK whose dll I was using to make the plugin?
I have no clue, please give some suggestions!
Thank you!

Hi @binigya,

What version of the C++ SDK did you build your plug-in against? What version of Rhino are you trying to load your plug-in into?

– Dale

Hey @dale, apparantly the issue was with the SDK I was working with. I got a new version of the aforementioned SDK, and I didn’t get that error anymore. I can successfully create and run rhi files and the plugins now :slight_smile:

Hi @binigya,

I doubt the issue was with the SDK.

You never answered my initial questions…

– Dale

Apologies, @dale, here are the details :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, do you mean the C++ version in which I am making the .rhp or the version the third party SDK was built in? Also, how would I check that?

I was trying to load the plugin for Rhino Version 6 SR10 (6.10.18311.20531) .

Well, to be accurate, I was using the debug configuration for building the Rhino plugin in Visual Studio and the debug version of the SDK I was supplied with. And, this was causing the issues for me.

But, as soon as I got the SDK update along with a release dll version, I switched to release configuration in VS and included the release dll of the SDK.

And, doing that solved the issues regarding the "dependent dll " error. So, I assumed that the issue was with the SDK. I did not prod any further and left it to that. What do you think other causes could be there for this error to occur ?

If you didn’t keep the SDK installer, then look in Version.h found in the SDK install folder.

The debug configuration produces a release build with debug info.

I’d need more information (before you updated the SDK install).

– Dale