Rhino 5 - Objects Pixely

Hi All,

I installed the Section Tools plugin to cut multiple sections of a model I was doing. After that, all surface objects within that file no matter how simple shape they are look like the screen capture below. It’s pixely in any view (shaded, rendered…). When you rotate it’s like it re-renders its pixely self and flashes. However when you go render it, it comes out normal. I can’t figure out why this happens. I tried messing with the mesh quality. Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Bluesman- my guess is this object is very far from the origin. It should display better than that however- can you export this object and post it here or send to tech@mcneel.com (att’n:pascal)

If you run EvaluatePt and snap to some location on the cylinder, what are the coordinates reported on the command line?



I wasn’t at near the origin at all. That worked! Thank you so much Pascal!!!

Just out of curiosity: about how far away from the origin was it to give this kind of behavior? Did you notice?

I was working in feet. And I needed to scale down to inches at a certain scale. So when I scaled down, it placed the scaled version tens of thousands of feet away from the origin, and I left it like that, not knowing it would cause Rhino to act up.