Rhino blocks and block instances In V6

I noticed that you still cannot edit non-uniformly scaled blocks in V6. I know that you can edit an un-scaled block and it will modify the non-uniformly scaled one but it would be really useful if it worked both ways.

Is there any potential for V6 to have an isolation mode for blocks so that when you open a block only the affected blocks instances are shown?

Is there any potential for V6 to select multiple instances of a block and make them unique. Right now if I have 1000 instances of a block but want to change 200 of them I have to start over by creating a new block, matching the origin points, and using the ReplaceBlock command. Also when working in a model with a large number of blocks the fact that you have to select from a list to use ReplaceBlocks can make it a slow process.

Hi Lewis - I’d say right now, for V6, the answer to all of these is No… but I can add the requests to the ‘pile’. For your last point, you’d like to, if I understand you, take some instances of a block definition and make them look at a new copy of the current definition, correct? What would happen with nested blocks? I think there was a thread with this request fairly recently and a script offered to solve it or at least help. I’ll see if I can find that.

Yep - see https://github.com/ejnaren/rhinotools