Rhino Block Attributes or Textfield


I need to import and export acad-blocks with attributes.
Refering to this:

attributes are imported as usertext. But these are not exportet back
when saving as dwg. Did I miss something or is it not possible at this
moment to get block attributes into a rhino dwg.
Similiar to that are textfields to label the same blockinstances with different text.
But as far as I understood, these are dynamic blocks which are not yet supported?

Thanks in advance

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That is correct.
Rhino has no similar concept to AutoCAD block attributes.
When importing a DWG/DXF file with block instances containing attributes, we read the data and make it test in Rhino. It’s not possible to send the Rhino block back and have it “automagically” regenerate AutoCAD attributes.
I don’t think AutoCAD has anything quite the same as Rhino’s text fields.

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Thanks for your answer.
But if block attributes imported as usertext, it would be quite
nice to have usertext from blocks exported back as block attributes when saving a dwg. Is something like this planned?

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