"CAD Block attributes" to "AttributeUserText"

Question 1. Can the AttributeUserText be (automaticly) represended by a text object included in the block definition like this works with DWG block attributes?

Question 2. Can this process be integrated in the DWG import and export plugin so the link between the text and the attribute vale is preserved for all unique block instances?

When importing DWG blocks with attributes into Rhino, 2 things happen:

All visual attribute values from the block are converted to text objects, separated from the block definition.

That same attribute data is also converted to AttributeUserText keys and Values.

Every texst object can be referenced to the block’s AttributeUserText by the FX function of the text field.

The problem is that this text field Fx references to the block’s Object ID.

So all block instances will refer to the same Block ID, while every instance has it’s own values for that same attribute ( that’s what attributes are meant for in DWG, as well as AttriburteUserText Values)

To solve this the user text should refer to the block instance in some way.

Now in Rhino 7 WIP you finally can reference to the parent block:


block: A “block” identifier has been added to text fields for use instead of an object id. This allows items inside of a block to reference their top-level block instance. Having this capability allows for things like title blocks with custom text for each block.

Now this works, any chance to automate this process, or even implement it as an option in the DWG importer/exporter so the link between the text and the UserText gets preserved?

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