Is it possible to export Extended Entity Data (xdata) or Block Attributes to a AutoCAD/DWG file?

My goal is to add string data to objects like polygons and export this to DWG so that AutoCAD can continue using this data. In AutoCAD this data is called Extended Entity Data or xdata.

I found out that there is the possibility of storing “User Data” for each object in .3dm but from what I learned this is not compatiblibe with the DWG Export (xData) - the data is lost after the export.

Also it seams impossible to export Block Attributes (like the block description) to DWG. The only information transported from a Rhino Block to a DWG/Autocad Block (Rhino Export) is the name and the position.

Do you know any way around this?
Is there something I missed or any plugin/script with a more advanced AutoCAD/DWG export functionality so that I can export Extended Entity Data or Block Attributes to a readable AutoCAD Format?
(It would not nessasary be DWG)


No, you haven’t missed anything. UserData isn’t exported to Acad files.
I don’t know of any 3rd party software that supports it. Sorry.