Rhino Automation Mac OSX

Is there a way to create some automation as described here for Mac OSX ?
The example use ActiveX, Com technology which should not be available on Osx.



I would start here. You can develop with C# on Rhino For Mac. For basic automation python works cross platform.

The article you linked to is a bit dated, 2013. I would start looking at developing for V6 Mac & or Windows Rhino.

IHTH «Randy

The code in the article works currently on Windows. Its just that i need a Mac port.
the automation exposed there allows to run Rhino for an external Wpf application and get access to run scripts.
It essentially uses Com to run a rhino instance.
I haven’t been able to find something related in the Python docs or RhinoCommon docs.

OK, it’s a bit out of my league, :slight_smile: maybe ask @dale or @dan they can put you in the right direction.
Best «Randy

Hi @dimi.christop,

ActiveX is a Windows-only technology.

– Dale

This is why I am asking if there is anything available for Mac osx like your automation dotnet example.

I understand I can not even run rhino with commandline options in the terminal.


Hi @dimi.christop,

Not that I know of - sorry.

– Dale

Would this be something like Applescipt would solve if it was supported in rhino?

I am not sure, this functionality to enable automation has to be integrated specifically in the engine. For example since v3 Rhino has the ability to talk through COM object on windows, this was specifically created for automation it seems.
On mac you could resort also to running the Rhine app through the system command with an runscript as input, but on OSX Rhino does not take parameters on the command line terminal.

FWIW, we hope to address RH-42377 in Rhino 6 for Mac.