Accessing Rhino 6 via Rhino.Interface using MS Excel VBA


Apologies for a basic newbie, embarrassingly simple question.

I’m trying to access Rhino from MS Excel VBA.
The code block is:

Sub Test()
Dim Rhino as Object
Set Rhino=CreateObject(“Rhino.Interface.6”)
End Sub

(no other code written, yet).

This results in the error “ActiveX component can’t create object”.

I’ve read:

Attempted on Windows and macOS 10.14.6 with same result.
On the Mac: 64 bit: Rhino 6, Excel for Mac Ver 16.16.13 (not Office 365 - cannot access Developer), and processor.

For the Mac is it because the ActiveX controls don’t work?
However, the same error occurs on the PC (access to the PC not available at time of writing).

Any other information required to determine a cause (if not to do with ActiveX controls not available on the Mac)?

Thank you.

ActiveX controls won’t work on macOS. In fact, RhinoScript does not work in Rhino for Mac.

You might try one of the various Grasshopper components that export to CSV.