Rhino/Autocad polyline arc difference

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For our studio, we are asked to create polyline/arc combinations for pathways using autocad.
In autocad, when creating arcs, the ‘second point’ of the arc seems to be on the curve itself; similar to the InterpolateCrv in Rhino.
When creating the same polyline/Arc using Rhino the Throughpoint for the arc seems to be a control point that is outside the curve itself.

Is it possible to create polyline/arcs similar as is done in Autocad?


Hi @jdelavaulx

Not sure this is what you are after but there are two datas available after the creation of the arc (ThroughPoint).

  • One Control Point that is Off the curve
  • One Edit Point that lives on the curve

During the creation of the Arc, the curve passes through the user defined point, as expect.

Hope this help…

Rodolfo Santos

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Thanks so much Rodolfo :slight_smile:
This answered my question