Straight polyline with inherent arcs

Hi there… I would love to know how this simple model process is done. There is a tutorial by Kyle Houchens modelling a water bottle.

His initial polyline has segments that are automatically able to be arc’ed, as there is a control pint in the centre of every segment… that allows an interactive curving of each section. (See images attached)

This is from a basic polyline as far as i can see. I have tried and tried, and cannot find any advice/instruction on how to make this happen. All my polyline attempts only have points at the end/start of segments… and even when I add control points or knots to the centre of them, the lines will not arc, but bend as straight lines.

Any help appreciated!!


Hello- if you make a polyline with straight segments only, and then ChangeDegree to 2, then you will see this middle control point on the segments. Note moving these does not make true arcs from the segments.

You can also change between arcs and lines inside the Polyline command (Mode=Arc/Line).


wow! thank you!! that’s brilliant! Cheers!!!